100 Random Craft Supplies

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You've seen that joke, right? Why buy it for $2.50 when I can make it for just $194 worth of craft supplies? Contrary to what my certified certified professional organizer sister may think and say, I am not a hoarder and I do not have a collecting problem. I have a too many ideas and not enough free time problem, hence I was able to make this list of one hundred random items in my craft stash.

I buy a lot of my craft supplies online, especially from Amazon and AliExpress. Oftentimes, these orders are shipping via ePacket directly from China, so it can take weeks or even months for things to make it to my mailbox. It's kind of fun, ordering things and then having them magically appear a month later, it's like you're your own secret Santa!

Unfortunately, because I do this so often, I will sometimes totally forget what my original idea was, or sometimes even double order because I forget that one version of an item is in transit when I come up with another idea. I mean, this doesn't *always* happen… The Pink glow-in-the-dark pigment that actually inspired this post? It shipped with some wooden dice that I've already crafted with, and I ordered them at the same time. I just don't remember what my grand plan was at the time. But I'm in great shape if/when I ever DO need glow-in-the-dark pigment in a variety of colors!

There's also an exception to some of things, which is buying in bulk when I only need a couple of them. Like the rubber dinosaurs and giant 1″ googly eyes. I don't *need* 144 rubber dinos, but they were literally cheaper than buying a 6-pack. Reading this now, it totally sounds like I'm trying to justify myself. Maybe? But if you're a lifelong crafter like me, I'm sure you have some mystery supplies of your own. Sound off in the comments or on Facebook! Maybe it'll spark a fresh idea for someone!

  1. Pink Glow in the dark pigment: No idea what this was for. It's a really gritty kind, like playground sand, so I have no idea what I was planning for this. 
  2. Temp changing pigment: I'm pretty sure I bought this to make hypoercolor slime during my slimemaking phase, but didn't pay attention to the temperature range required so your hands don't get warm enough to make it shift colors.
  3. 73 Rubber dinosaurs: I actually needed two of these to make a pair of earrings, and should have a bunch on hand in case anyone orders the resulting “Inevitable Betrayal Earrings” but do I really need almost A HUNDRED of them? It's a lot of dinosaurs.
  4. Brown flocked HTV: I've bought so much heat transfer vinyl with the intention of making something, but those somethings never seem to manifest. I'm pretty sure this was for a Chewbacca shirt for Max. Still might happen for our next Disney trip though.
  5. Luke Skywalker LEGO minifig: Like I don't already have enough Star Wars minifigs in the house.
  6. Variety pack of adhesive vinyl: Variety packs are awesome, because you get lots of options. Variety packs are the worst because you get some really terrible awful no good colors included.
  7. Those clippy style keyrings that I actually hate
  8. IKEA cutting boards: In my defense, I'll probably laser engrave these and gift them for Christmas, but I also don't want to “waste” them so I avoid using them at all instead.
  9. IKEA glassware: I bought these pre-laser, planning to chemical etch them. I did one set, don't remember why I bought a second set.
  10. Mica powders in assorted colors: I think I was going to try making soap?
  11. Rectangular bar soap mold: Yup.
  12. Pouring resin: I'm still too intimidated to try this. All the mixing and curing scares me.
  13. Tortiseshell acrylic sheets: This was expensive, and I'm afraid to “waste” it.
  14. Cupcake print fabric: Pretty sure I bought this to make my now 13 year old niece a skirt. When she was 5.

  1. Harry Potter print fabric: I just couldn't resist. I don't think I ever had a real plan for it.
  2. Multiple sides of veg tanned leather: They were on sale, and leather is expensive! So I wanted to stock up!
  3. Glitter acrylic craft paint that doesn't really cover anything: I'm not really a glitter girl, so I don't know why I bought this in so many colors.
  4. Pretty yarn: I just wanted to own it. I don't knit or crochet or anything.
  5. Mixed script letter stickers that I don't even like: These are oooooold. I think the adhesive has dried up. They're from my scrapbook store employee days.
  1. Assorted pack of Girl Scout themed scrapbook paper: Again, scrapbook store employee. I don't have daughters, I guess I thought I'd use it to document my own old photos?
  2. Wood slice banner hanger: I think I was going to put letters onto the wood slices, maybe? But now I could laser onto them? Who knows?
  3. White glow in the dark pigment: Part of the order with the pink. I'm sure I had a grand plan for it at one point.
  4. Glass house-shaped terrarium: This was part of my etching glass phase. I think it was going to be a housewarming present for some friends, but I could never decide on what to do design-wise.
  5. Millenium Falcon keychain: I know why I bought this, I just haven't gotten around to making it! I want to do a Millenium Falcon terrarium! (But not the house-shaped one. That doesn't make sense!)
  6. Glow in the Dark craft paint: Probably grabbed this on a 10 for $10 sale day at Michaels. It's the only thing I can think of.
  7. 3″ long Elder wand pendant: I ordered this for something, and I remember that it was too big for my planned use, so now I have to come up with something for it.
  8. Leather lacing thread: I was going to do So Much Leather stuff! Was gonna. Still haven't.
  9. Earring hooks that are too small for any of my material: I bought them because they're prettier than the regular hooks, but totally didn't think through to the thickness of my earring wood. Maybe I'll use some of those leather sides to make earrings!
  1. 2″ wide strips of leather: No idea.
  2. Rainbow colored wood veneer: I just loved all the bright colors, but I don't know what to do with it, now that I have it! I'm too intimidated to cut it!
  3. Exotic wood veneer: Same as above. It's so pretty, and I worry about doing it justice with my work.
  4. Large tub of Premade gum paste: I was totally going to make my own Altoids.
  5. Bee-shaped candy mold: Most likely to make Harry Potter Fizzing Whizbees. This may still happen though, so stay tuned.
  6. Citric Acid: An ingredient for something I saw on Pinterest, but I have no idea what.
  7. Variety pack of candy flavorings: I just thought it would be so cool to have champagne and peach flavorings available to me. I don't make candy.
  8. Cute paper drinking straws that I don't even like to drink out of: There used to be different colors and patterns every time I went to the Dollar Spot, so I always had to buy more. I hate paper straws.
  9. 115 pack of Sharpies: OK, so this is awesome. I do love a good Sharpie. But I really only use about 5 colors.
  10. 9 heart-shaped quartz rocks: I thought they'd be a cool laser experiment. (It didn't work) I don't know why I bought 10 of them.
  11. Assorted novelty spray paint: Not just standard colors, but all the different finishes too… glitter, chalk, matte, hammered. (I actually love this hammered stuff! The texture is SO cool)
  12. Unmarked Altoid tins: I had an idea for portable games for on-the-go and didn't like the look of actually upcycling empty mint tins, so I wanted blank ones instead.
  1. Faux druzy quartz charms: An idea I was working on that didn't work out, but I had accidentally already ordered these.
  2. Artificial tree branches (white): I think a display idea for earrings or ornaments?
  3. Artificial tree branches (black): But I couldn't decide which color to use.
  4. Model train scale fake trees: For the Millenium Falcon terrarium project, I think.
  5. 5 Heart-shaped metal jewelry trays: Another failed experiment that I for some reason ordered several instead of one.
  6. 144 Antique Bronze Gears: I have no idea. I'm not steampunk enough to do anything with these.
  7. 100 1mm thick neodymium magnets: Probably planned to make engraved wood magnets, but these guys are oddly small and oddly strong, so they aren't the best option for fridge magnets. Instead, they live in my findings box, sticking to things.
  8. Reuseable plastic drink pouches: Another blog post idea that never came to fruition. In my defense, I ordered these in like May and they didn't show up until almost September, and they strike me as a very summer project.
  9. 13 Fake wood (vinyl) phone cases: Bought to make gifts for Jamie's team at work last year, discovered after ordered that they're not laser safe.
  10. Cute pink hand held vanity mirror: I'm guessing I was going to put a vinyl cut quote on the back, but who knows?
  1. Gold ball evening bag: I just couldn't resist it and felt called to buy one to turn into a Snitch.
  2. Silver ball evening bag: It went so well with the silver one!
  3. Black leather clutch/wallet: The size ended up being much smaller than I expected, so I can't really use it for anything.
  4. 10 pieces metallic finish faux leather: Not laser safe, but cool to look at!
  5. Fountain pen tip charms: I had plans for these and the other charms listed below. I don't remember what, and I have about 20 of each.
  6. Snake charms: See above.
  7. Lantern charms: See above.
  8. Unicorn charms: See above.
  9. “Peace” charms: See above.
  10. Marshmallow roasting sticks: I actually intend to add these to my Etsy shop, but can't settle on which phrases to use in the available set! (Meanwhile, you can find the digital file available for purchase in my shop)
  11. 8mm cabuchon earring mounts: I remember what I was gonna do, but it totally didn't work, and I think they might be too small for lasered stuff. I should totally try though!
  12. Leather jewelry foldover clasps: They came in a variety pack of closures. Have we discussed my lack of leather work? I think we have.
  13. Rose gold jump rings in 3mm size: Do you KNOW how tiny 3mm is? It's SO TINY. They're literally half the size of what I actually needed.
  14. 10 tiny glass vials: I'm sure it was something Harry Potter related. It must be, right?
  15. Guess Who? board game: Ooh, I was going to remake the cards into Harry Potter or Star Wars, but then it seemed like a lot of work.
  16. Empty cool-shaped gin bottle: It's a cool bottle. I don't drink that much gin so I don't think I'll have another one in the near future. That's all. 
  17. Set of 6 large glass test tubes: Ummmm…
  18. Blank Russian nesting dolls: I was totally going to paint them with Star Wars characters, and then I remembered I have zero painting skills.
  1. A literal box of rocks: A 40 lb box of skipping stones so I can laser things on them. I've done one.
  2. 6″x9″ pieces of cork fabric: I still think this would be really cool to use as inlay on earrings or a necklace, I just haven't gotten around to it, nor am I sure that was my original idea.
  3. A premade gingerbread house kit: Bought last year on clearance to try in the laser. Hoping to get it attempted for this year! Design suggestions?
  4. 3 containers of popping boba: This is actually going to get used soon, but I don't want to spoil it!
  5. Large black feathers: Something something Harry Potter
  6. More sprinkles than I care to fess up to: I love sprinkles, but I don't bake that often. And I'm too cheap to use the expensive fancy ones I seem most drawn to.
  7. Glycerin soap making base: See #10-11
  8. Wintergreen essential oil: My preferred Altoid flavor, so probably for those mints I was going to make.
  9. Blue glow in the dark pigment: Again with the glowing stuff! I got nothin'
  10. Triangle buckle clasps: Maybe for a purse project that never came to fruition?
  11. Plastic cauldrons (Small): For the Harry Potter 11th birthday I was going to plan for Max, but my body didn't want to cooperate.
  12. Plastic cauldrons (Large): See above.
  13. Burgundy unisex t-shirt in a size I don't wear: Probably to attempt a t-shirt alteration of some sort. Sometimes t-shirts are super cheap at Michaels, but most of the typical sizes are sold out.
  14. Green youth t-shirt that Max has outgrown: Probably was going to do something with vinyl on it?
  15. Book spine facade: A prop for Harry Potter project photos, but it doesn't really work well with my setup so it's never looked right.
  1. Star Wars printed adhesive vinyl: It was too cute to pass up. That's my only excuse.
  2. Marker inserts for my Silhouette Cameo: I don't use the Cameo enough to learn how these things work, and definitely not now that I have the Glowforge.
  3. 27 colors of embroidery floss: I got nothin'
  4. 12×12 sheets of cork: Not thin enough for earrings, not thick enough for coasters.
  5. Three mismatched china plates: I bought them for my Professor Umbridge Plates tutorial, but ended up finding plates I liked more.
  6. Shrinky Dink plastic: Max mentioned he had never done them before, so I had to run out and buy some. We did one round of them, and are done, apparently.
  7. 144 Jello shot cups with lids: I know what they're for, but I only need like half a dozen. But like so many things, this was cheaper! Maybe I should throw a Jello Shot Party!
  8. 1.5″x2.5″ jewelry boxes that are too small for anything: I don't know how to measure.
  9. Plastic earring hooks because one friend said she prefers plastic to metal: I have them, but don't want to bug her about ordering lol. (Will she see this?)
  10. Necklace/earring display cards: I don't really make necklaces, and I definitely don't offer necklace and earring sets.
  11. 2 lbs of scrap veg tanned leather: Part of a fit of supply buying in the weeks leading up to my Glowforge delivery. Most of the pieces are unuseable.
  12. Assorted metal brackets: Leftovers from my scrapbooking days, but I feel like I could still use them for something.
  13. Chipboard letters with all the vowels missing: I used to love these and used them all the time in scrapbooking projects, but how many words can you make with no vowels?
  14. 5 clipboard clips: Needed one, bought a pack of six.
  15. A dozen stress ball globes: They were like 5¢ each. I couldn't resist.
  16. A capsule backpack for carrying a cat around: This will still probably happen, and I don't want to spoil it, and there's a certain segment of people who will know exactly what I'm planning.
  17. Pages ripped out of an old Mary Englebright datebook from the mid-1990s because the pictures were too cute to just recycle: I had this little datebook in high school, and carefully cut all of the weekly illustrations out once the year was over because I thought I could for sure make them into something. They just might be the oldest supply in my stash. Actually, they're vintage now! I wonder if I could sell them to someone…

Now that I look at this list, I'm seriously tempted to see how many of these items I can use up in the next few months! (My sister would be thrilled! lol)

So fess up, crafters! What's the weirdest random craft supply that lives in your stash?

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