Pasta Christmas Tree

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Looking for an easy craft for older kids to do this holiday season? As long as you trust them not to go off the rails with a hot glue gun, they can make a whole forest of these fun little pasta trees for decorations! This makes a great Christmas craft to keep the kids occupied so you can get a moment to wrap some presents, or just relax!

Mom confession: I love doing craft project like this with Max, because we get the fun of crafting together, but because it's a seasonal item, I don't feel like I have to keep it displayed for the rest of time. Instead, we leave it up for the holiday season and then put it away once the decorations get stored, and I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the year!

Pasta Tree Supplies

Pasta Tree Process

Cut the paper plate in half and collect all of your supplies.

Craft supplies - Kid's Craft Pasta Tree

Fold the paper plate in half (without creasing it) so that you're able to attach the straight edges together; use glue (you may want to reinforce with staples) to make a cone of the plate.

Paper plate cone - Kid's Craft Pasta Tree

Starting at the bottom, hot glue the pasta shapes in concentric circles, working your way up the cone. (Be careful to keep the pasta facing in the same direction!)

Tree in progress - Kid's Craft Pasta Tree

Once you reach the top of the cone, the tree is done! Spray paint the tree, in the color of your choice.

Tree done - Kid's Craft Pasta Tree

Attach a bow tie pasta for a star.

Glue beads into the pasta shells for ornaments, and you're done!

Finished trees - Kid's Craft Pasta Tree

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