DIY Polyjuice Potion Harry Potter Slime

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Why make plain slime when you can make magical Harry Potter slime?Just add one simple ingredient to turn it into creepy Polyjuice Potion Slime!

All sorts of magic can happen when you start putting different accessories and accents into your homemade slime. While experimenting with what would happen when I put different things into the mix, I happened upon this Harry Potter slime, which reminds me of that excellent brew, Polyjuice Potion.

It looks super weird, and the texture is creepy and strange too, and it's surprisingly easy to make!

green Harry Potter slime

You simply start with your favorite slime recipe (I'm a fan of the school glue and liquid starch version) and then add pom poms! Yes, pom poms.

I found that it worked best to mix them in when the slime is most of the way finished. You'll find that the poms absorb a lot of the slime, so you may want to make a larger batch than you usually do, to end up with the same amount. I normally do 1/2 c. each of glue and starch, maybe add 1/4 c of each, if you don't double it.

Harry Potter slime with pom poms

Knead it well until all of the pom poms are well coated with slime and it's all incorporated together.

mixing Harry Potter slime

I do find that the life span on this particular slime isn't as long as other versions we've made. Like the magnetic slime was still in good shape for almost a week, but this got kind of gross after more like a day.

It's a great Harry Potter slime to make for your wizard in training, and can be any color you choose! (While technically the books say that Polyjuice Potion is muddy brown in color, we thought the green looked awesome. Just be careful not to get any cat hair in it!)

Polyjuice Potion Harry Potter Slime

Polyjuice Potion Harry Potter Slime

Mix glue, water, and food coloring.

Add starch and stir until combined.

When mostly combined, add pom poms and continue mixing/kneading until texture is slime-like and doesn't leave residue on surfaces.

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