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More than Thursdays is your home for all things geek, from antiquing to craft projects, recipes to home improvement. From musical theater to vintage Pyrex, from Star Wars to lasers (Pew! Pew!)

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Welcome, I’m Lizz!

I’m so glad you’re here! We love to celebrate our joy and find lots of it every day around here. We will happily “geek out” about so many things. You’ll find a little bit of everything, so dig in and see what’s new.

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Where I shop

Our Fire Story

We lost our home in a California wildfire in 2021. Find lessons we learned along the way in our recovery, along with useful information like tips for dealing with insurance.

Follow My Adventures

Camping, long-distance travel, day trips, and staycations. No matter what the adventure, we'll share it all!

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Let Me Show You How…

Find tutorials and project ideas for all things DIY here, including traditional crafting and laser projects.

Occasionally I Cook

Looking for easy dinners and sweet treats for the family? We've got you covered with meal ideas and special recipes.