The most versatile shoe in your closet

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I had been stalked on Facebook and Pinterest for ages, and I finally gave in about 18 months ago, and am so glad I did! They were showing up in every internet window I opened, just patiently waiting for me to click and order. I avoided them for a while, thinking they were too expensive for me. I closed ads without looking too close, because I didn't know how I'd choose if I *did* click through. I closed my eyes and scrolled on by, afraid of falling in love.

And then I bit the bullet, clicked and ordered. I didn't overthink it. I reviewed the available options, read a couple of reviews to figure out if they run big or small, and I went with my first instinct. And then it was done.

I owned a pair of Rothy's Points flats in Leopard.

The most versatile shoe

I had always heard that “animal prints are neutral” but was never quite able to get on board with that, until my Rothy's came into my life.

Warriors + Rothys

They are easily the most-worn shoes in my closet, and I've paired them with everything from jeans to dresses, and wear them to work probably three days a week. They're comfortable, look great, they're made from recycled water bottles! What's not to love?

I even accidentally wore them camping once. (I was so comfortable in them, I didn't even think to change into sneakers when it got to be time to leave!)

Camping + Rothys

As a company, Rothy's has recycled nearly 40,000,000 plastic bottles into thread, which is then used to weave their fabrics. Their outsoles are made of either carbon-free rubber or a luxe vegan leather, and the insoles are recycled materials and bio-based castor oil. Sustainability FTW!

Night market shaken ramen + Rothys

I used to buy a pair of basic flats every few months. I'd go to Target or Payless, spend $25, get some shoes. I'd wear them over and over until they were literally falling apart, and then I'd toss them and repeat. Rothy's are washable. WASH-A-BLE. Like, throw them in the washing machine on cold and they come out looking like new! Seriously.

Giants game + Rothys

You can express yourself in different ways; besides the gorgeous exterior prints, you can add a different color insole, for a secret little pop of color that only you know about.

They are not the cheapest shoes on the market, but they are worth every penny. I still love novelty shoes, but these are in a class of their own.

I can help you save a few pennies though, because when you order through my referral link, you'll get $20 off your first pair!

PS: With the exception of the header image, I feel it important to mention that all of the photos in this post just happened to be on my phone. I didn't take any of them specifically for the post, it just happened because I wear them THAT OFTEN.

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