Hi! I’m Lizz

I live in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California with my husband Jamie, our teenage son Max, dog Ripley, and cats Chewie and Leia. I’m a small business owner and blogger who makes cool stuff. I’m all about the maker life  — whether it’s posts about crafts and cocktails on my blog, or actual products like geeky earrings or clever creations you can buy through my laser cutting and engraving business

More Than Thursdays is where I talk about what I love and what’s happening in my world. This includes (but is not limited to) all things geeky, vintage Pyrex and vinyl collecting, mid-century modern design, musical theater, food and cocktail recipes, and STAR WARS.

Of course, I also talk about my family — who are fellow Star Wars geeks — and our life together as teardrop trailer owners, SF Giants fans, jokesters, fans of The Beatles, #TeamPorter, antiques hunters, photo bombers, classic rock singer-alongers and folks who are San Francisco Bay Area born and raised.

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I’ve undergone three kidney transplants, spent nearly a decade on dialysis, experienced a stroke while pregnant, watched Max fight for his life in the NICU (he’s fine now!), and rebuilt my house from the ground up after the 2021 River Fire burned down my dream home. 

Also, I'm tall. I've been told I should have a warning on my blog, so consider yourself warned! I am taller in real life than I appear on the internet.