Who knew ice nerds were a thing?

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What is an ice nerd, you ask? Well, it's my husband. When he is going to be drinking one of his “special” bourbons (he has a collection) he's very concerned about the ice he uses to chill the drink. We've tried them all, but there's one thing they've all had in common, which is that they're labor intensive and have a low yield for the work involved, so forget about offering your special ice to a vistor or party guest! LG to the rescue! Their new InstaView™ fridge can make Jamie's preferred ice cubes, slow-melting spheres, right in the on-board ice maker! GAME CHANGER.

LG’s newest InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators have everything you need to become the ultimate home entertainer. Dual ice makers with Craft Ice™ automatically create crushed, cubed and LG’s exclusive round ice on demand, for upscale, craft drinks at home – helping beverages taste their best longer.

Jamie's past ice experiments have included those whiskey stones, different types of purified water in traditional ice trays, something he calls “artisan ice” which involves freezing a giant block of ice and then literally carving smaller cubes out of it, and round spheres. We have a set of ice molds to make the spheres, but you can only do one at a time so it's not super efficient. That's why the LG is a whole new world of awesome iciness!
We've had an LG refrigerator for many years, and it has served us well (and still works great!) but this might be the thing that pushes us into new fridge territory.
Along with these amazing innovations in ice making, I love the idea of the door-in-door InstaView™ design! Offering quick and easy access to favorite foods, the popular Door-in-Door® design gets even better with an adjustable bin that fits snacks and drinks of all sizes. You just knock twice on the glass panel and *poof* you can magically see inside!
  • Keeps produce fresh up to 2X LONGER*
  • Only LG offers 3 innovative cooling technologies that work together to extend the life of fruits and vegetables and help keep all foods fresh and flavorful
  • Linear Cooling maintains consistent temperatures within 1°F of the setting
  • Smart Cooling uses digital sensors and an array of vents for total cooling control
  • Door Cooling + delivers blasts of cool air that reach all areas of the refrigerator

Learn more about the LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerator, or visit your local Best Buy to see it in person!

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