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Tonight, I put my 2 year old to bed for the last time.
Tomorrow, he will wake up my 3 year old.

I got to put him to bed, since Jamie got stuck at work.
I read him as many stories as he wanted.
We sang some songs together.
He asked for the “Jesus Bible one” (Jesus Loves Me) and
“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”

I tried really hard not to cry.
I'm not trying any more, since he's sleeping now and won't see me.
I'm not ready for 3.

Three year olds go to preschool, and they turn into 4 year olds.
I don't know if I can handle my baby being a 4 year old.

But first I'll let him work on being a 3 year old.
For a year or so, I think.

Then I'll get used to him being 3, and he'll turn 4.
It happens every year.

He's my only baby.
I don't get to have a 2 year old again.
We're done with that now.

He became the best 2 year old he could be, and now he gets to try his hand at 3.
And he'll be amazing at it.

I have no doubt.

But that doesn't make it any easier for me, being done being 2.

It makes me want to apologize to my mom for growing up.
It makes me regret every time I wished the days would hurry up.
It makes me appreciate each day even more.

We've finished our 365 days of two-ness.
Of me mothering, of him being.
Now we move on to three-ness.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy.

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  1. This is so sweet. I feel the same way when any of my brood has a birthday. My oldest turns 10 this summer… I KNOW I'll totally cry then! It's gone by so quickly!
    My littlest is my funny one. When he goes to bed the night before his birthday he yells, from upstairs, "Mama! You better kiss me! It's the last time you'll get to smoochie your own ____ year old!" Then he giggles like crazy. Nice right?
    Enjoy those 3's. I really loved the 3's every time they entered our family. The vocab explosion is AWESOME! And congrats to YOU for making it through 3 years of Mamahood! That's a big deal too!

  2. Sniff! Mine turns 3 in June and I'm sort of mentally there but that seems like such a big kid. 2 is still sort of a baby. Okay, not really, but I can pretend. 3 is, well, it's like you said. Preschool and all that comes with it. Too fast!

    What a sweet thing to write on the eve of his birthday. He's a darling – happy birthday to him!

  3. As I grew up , every birthday I planned on how better it is going to be than the previous birthday. Way back then I was so happy on birthdays. My mom used to say , " See childhood is the happiest phase in life . With every birthday you are just loosing an year of that beautiful life . Why are you in a hurry ? "
    May be she talked out of her experience but I had no age to understand it then. May be she wished with all her hope that she would stop or delay my birthday for a while so that I can have some more beautiful childhood but then I had no such wish . In this hurry of growing up I never realized the beautiful days slipping away through my fingers like sand . I walked towards an imaginary future only to understand that childhood is better than adulthood .

    Happy birthday to you little boy . I hope he enjoys the process of growing up so much that when he grows up he would not look back longingly but he would look back fondly .

  4. Aw, Lizz! Love this. I feel the same way every birthday, it's amazing how fast time does go. Enjoy every minute of today. Love you, Mama.

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