So I got this email over the weekend…

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…and tears may have sprung to my eyes when I read it.
It's true. (Or as Max would say, “True story, my friend”)
I've been cast in the 2013 San Francisco production of Listen to Your Mother
I'm still in the “someone pinch me please” phase; I still can't believe they chose me.
My silly words, my very own story.
I'll be sharing it on stage… in front of An Audience!

How can my worst fears AND my greatest hopes be so tied up into one thing?

I am eager to share my words; I always am. It's why I blog, isn't it? I have what I consider a healthy dose of nerves when it comes to public speaking. And yet, I am terrified of not being good enough. I look at my fellow cast members and am blown away by the company I'm keeping. Extraordinary women, those I have admired for a variety of reasons, that I will share the stage with them on Mother's Day. Someone I met in passing at a conference, someone who has made me giggle more times than I can count, a dear friend who was an amazing cheerleader during the process, and a smart, savvy business woman who has made a difference in my and many bloggers' lives. I know the rest of the cast amazing too, I just haven't had a chance to get to know them, and I look forward to doing so as we prepare for the show.

CameraAwesomePhotoI am thrilled, honored, and overwhelmed to have been chosen. I would love to be a fly on the wall for auditions, to hear all the incredible stories, but only if I don't have to be involved in the decision making!

Thank you so much to Kirsten and Kari, our producers, and to everyone who has helped me write my piece, the word choices, the structure. You're amazing and I love you.

Now in the meantime, I can stop chewing on my fingernails and get a manicure, STAT!

I'd love to see you at the show, and to my fellow cast members (squee!) break a leg, ladies!

The show is on Sunday, May 12 at 7pm at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, March 15th via Brown Paper Tickets and will cost $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Proceeds benefit Help a Mother, a nationally-recognized grassroots organization raising diapers, awareness, and advocating for long term change in the social safety net.

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  1. You will be such an amazing addition to what, I am sure, will be a fantastic production. Congratulations, my friend!

  2. I could not be happier, and the tears have sprung to my eyes with every announcement.
    They are so lucky to have your story, your voice to tell it.

    LTYM changed my life for the better in so many ways…my hope is that it does that for you too my beautiful friend.


    1. Thank you, my lovely friend. I can’t WAIT to finally hug you at Blogher this summer!
      Your support and encouragement has been priceless to me.

  3. Making the cast is like a treasure I carry around in my pocket and keep touching to make sure it’s real – ahhhhhh!!!! So, so exciting. Congrats and looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

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