Happy 25th MTV!

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At midnight tonight, it'll be August 1, and it will be 25 years since MTV first broadcast “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.

MTV has been around, really, for as long as I can remember.

All the cool kids watched videos after school, I remember the early seasons of “The Real World” and Remote Control was one of my favorites (Na na na na! Good bye!)

I heard on the radio today that MTV isn't making a big deal of their quarter-centruy birthday.

The reason?

Their main demographic, 18-24 year olds, weren't alive on that fateful day in August when the music world was changed, and they are not yet at a point in their young lives where they even *care* about looking back and reminiscing. (I'm thinking they do enough of that in their American History classes in high school! LOL)

So, for those of us who want to remember that day? We have to tune in to VH1. They're recreating MTV's first day of programming, 24 hours, starting at midnight, the way it was.

Kinda sad, that it had to go to VH1, but I can't really complain, I guess.

Kids these days!


And a pic that cracks me right up!

Geoffrey wanted to wave hello! Or slap you high five (or four, as the case may be! LOL)

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  1. Bwahahahahahahaa, great photo.

    Not having either MTV or VH1 nor really having them most of my life, it’s more of an esoteric anniversary, but cool all the same.

    Plus, of course, Duran Duran’s heyday was on MTV

  2. Ah yes, I remember the start of MTV…I also know I was one of the few who knew who the Buggles were or that they had a stint with Yes! Ah, the good old days.
    And cute cat photo!

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