The great debate(s)

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One wouldn't think that scrapbooking could be such a controversy-laden subject, would you?
Ah…. then you've never been to 2 Peas! LOL
Allow me to share some of the SBR (scrapbook related)”discussions” that happen on a regular basis: Style debates; Simple & graphic v. Shabby chic v. Boho Chic v. Linear v. Creative Memories
Albums; strap hinge v. post bound v. 3 ring
Photos; matte v. glossy finish. Should you print your child's 2nd birthday photos in black and white? Digital v. film cameras.
Page content; Moments pages v. Events (aka: Reflections on Joey turning 5 v. Photos from Joey's 5th birthday party)
And one that's near and dear to my heart; single photo pages.

I used to be a multi-photo page kinda girl… I would fit 4 or 5 photos on a 12×12 page and be all proud of myself for fitting them all.
And then I discovered the beauty that is the single photo LO.

*laaaaaa!* <-- That's a chorus of angels, if you couldn't tell.You mean I don't have to cram every single photo onto the page? You mean I can enlarge that photo to 6×8 and show it off all by itself? OMGoodness! This is the coolest thing ever!It was an epiphany, and my scrapping took a whole different turn. It became an art form for me; not just sticking pictures on paper with some stickers and writing.Anyway, the reason I'm writing this is because, once again, this has come up on 2Peas. There's a thread going about “What scrapbook trend or product do u wish would go away?” and someone replied: “One picture LOs!!! SOO over used..and SOO uncreative. Show me a multi pic LO..with COLOR anyday..and I'll show you a creative scrapbooker!!”*eyeroll*After reading that, I started this post of mine, which I'll just copy and paste here:

I just feel the need to say this.

I saw a comment on another thread where someone said that single photo pages (and the scrappers who create them) are uncreative.

I scrap for me. I scrap as a creative outlet. I used to be a graphic artist, and can no longer do that work, so I need somewhere to let out that side of me.

I'm not married (yet) and don't have kids (yet) and scrap for fun and to create things I enjoy looking at.

I don't ever want to be caught up! I'm looking forward to scrapping my children's baby photos while they're heading off to prom. When else would a mom have a chance to sit and reminisce and remember her now grown baby?

I scrap because it feeds my soul. Not because I need to get the photos from Christmas morning in a book. In fact, the first Christmas photo I've ever scrapped was a single photo LO and is only scrapped because it's Jamie on one knee, asking me to marry him.

Please understand, some of us don't do this craft to be “caught up” Some of us don't have much to “catch up” on.

I understand if it doesn't work for *you* but to call me uncreative and boring just isn't fair.

Thanks for reading, if you still are!

That's all. Just wanted to add that here! LOL

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  1. VERY well said. I like one picture LO’s, but I have always fretted about not being “caught up” just shed a new light on it about the reminiscing and I feel better!
    THANK YOU! and lots of hugs!

  2. Great post Lizz! I hope the OP of that stupid comment caught it. I was a member of 2peas for years, but about 6 months ago I left the site because I just couldn’t stand the nastiness of the women on it. I don’t miss it at all. :-l

    I too really like your take on why you hope to not catch up. Thats a really cool way to look at it.

  3. Hair flip…well dang it Lizz, if I could create one photo pages as well as YOU I’d do it too!…hair flip the other way…
    Man, we just all scrap the way we want. One photo, ten photos…as long as we are happy scrappin’ is all that matters.

  4. Indeed! You know, we all have different styles, and what works for me doesn’t work for you.

    So what? It works for you, and what I do works for me

  5. Susan and I encourage everyone to make their scrapbooks their own. Keep on scrappin’ your way!

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