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OK, so I'm driving home today and end up behind this car. Brand new, gaw-geous Mercedes SL 500… bright red, top down on this gorgeous November day.
I pull up next to it at a stop light. Driver looks over and gives me the “nod” I take it all in. Gold sunglasses with what looks like a rhinestone D&G logo on the sides… gold watch glinting on his wrist, which is casually propped at the top of the steering wheel.
He cranks the music up at each stoplight, rattling my windows and giving my a headache. (He does, however, turn it back down every time the light turns green. Guess his middle-aged ears can't deal with the volume)
We we're cruisin' along side by side, for a couple of miles through town… sometimes I'm ahead, sometimes he is… I fall in behind him, since I need to turn soon.
And then I see it.
It isn't that apparent until he's braking and the motion of the car makes it happen.

The gas door is open on the side of his car.

It's out there, flappin' in the breeze; every time he brakes or accelerates, it's opening and closing. I laugh out loud (literally!) in my car. I pull up beside him (opposite side as before, now on the same side as the gas door) and notice that not only is his fuel door open, the cap is missing! Dude is sloshing gas out the car!

I thought about telling him about this little fauz pas, but he takes off at the next light before I even have a chance.

Oh well.

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