Project Runway, here I come!

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Well, not really. I'm not a bitchy 23 year old with a snappy catchphrase.

But check it out! My first foray into fashion design!

I didn't have a pattern; I used a t-shirt of Faith's that I had lying around for sizing and cut it to length with it on her. The first attempt, the bodice was too small… we got it on her OK, but it was strapless and *very* snug… had to cut her out of it! Oops!
I cut the skirt off the too-small top and started over, adding a couple of inches width and moving the waist up a couple of inches. I finished it up over the weekend while Jamie and Max were out visiting Cynthia at home.
It's all cotton (I know, it'll wrinkle, but I'm too skeered to try anything more expensive/fancy! LOL) and fully lined. The top is lined with the same green fabric, and the skirt has a plain yellow lining.
I learned a LOT in putting this together, so hopefully the next one will be a little simpler and a cleaner finished product.
We'll see! Thanks for looking!

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  1. No pattern? I am impressed! I do a lot of “free-form”, but I always start with a base pattern for size.

    This is adorable and I love that you did not use expensive fabric. Now your niece can play in it without worry.

    Little girls this age love to wear dresses and it is nice to have ones that are not so fancy, but still pretty and girly like this one.

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