Ouch! (I’m so crafty it hurts)

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Check out what I did this morning!

I overbought the fabric for Katie and Faith's aprons, so I had to do something with it, rather than let this cute polka dotted yard sit around in a closet, collecting dust. I found the “Pleats Shoulder Bag” from I Think Sew on Etsy and voila! When I made the aprons, I caught the sewing bug… I'm most intriuged by two things… purses and plush toys. I'm not particularly interested in making clothes for myself, and the patterns for baby boys are limited and not really my style.
I'm working on my first plush toy as well, but can't post her for a bit, since she's a gift for a certain someone we happen to know!

That's all for now… just wanted to share!

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  1. OOOH! You might be the solution to my problem. I am constantly looking for a good bag for teaching: ie one with pockets, sturdy, and with enough room for books/lunch/laptop.

    Maybe we could talk and I could commission something? Obvs I’d pay…

    Let’s talk over lunch sometime soon.


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