Max at 3, the Interview

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I asked him these questions over the course of a few weeks around his birthday, because I couldn't get him to do them all at once. I plan to ask these every year…

What's your name? Max

Do you know your full name? I'm just Max!

How old are you? I'm freeeeee! {with fingers}

What's your favorite color? What's your favorite color? Pink! Mine is blue.

Who's your best friend? Daddy's my best friend, and you're my best girl. And Nana.

What do you like to watch on TV? Dora. And Diego. And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

What's your favorite song? The Journey one. And the World one. And the Eraser one.
(Translation: “Don't Stop Believing” by Journey, “Across the Universe” by the Beatles, “Eraser” by the Barenaked Ladies)

What's your favorite food? Burger with cheese and ketchup

What are your favorite clothes? My handsome shirt!

What books do you like? What's Wrong Pookie? and the Dinosaur in my Backyard

What do you want to be when you grow up? Hmmmm…. I think…. Max!

And look! He totally got Jamie's single brow-raising skills!

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  1. OMG, these kill me! "Max!" I'm just Max!" And wanting to be, "I think… Max!" when he grows up – priceless! And I about died of the cute at, "My handsome shirt."

    Also? Love that you're his "best girl." So sweet.

  2. oh how I loved this, I was smiling and giggling and Oh my gosh this kid has a FUTURE!

    thanks for the smiles today Max!

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