Thursday #193

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There are currently only 2 gifts under our tree; the one from Max to me, and this one, which has Max's name on it, and he simply cannot leave it alone! He was so thrilled to see this gift under the tree for him, that Jamie and I decided not to put any more out until late Christmas Eve, so the difference on Christmas morning will be as dramatic as possible! I feel a little bad that this gift is only pajamas, which he'll open and wear to bed on Christmas Eve, but can't wait to see his face come Sunday morning!

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  1. We always put 2 presents per child under the tree for Christmas Eve: a pair of PJs and a toy. That way they weren’t too disappointed that they only got PJs. Christmas morning the tree was loaded. That Santa fella really comes through.

    1. Yup! We always got jammies when I was a kid! Not usually a toy though… we’re at the in-laws for Christmas Eve this year, so he’ll be in good shape, gift wise! LOL

  2. Hahaha my mom always used to do that when we were kids, even after we stopped believing in Santa. The dramatic WOW moment in the morning with all the presents under the tree was a great memory..

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