Vlogtalk – Most Annoying Toy…

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… and how to “FIX” it!

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  1. LOL! You are a genius!! and too funny, I used to buy annoying toys for people BEFORE I knew better!!

  2. I love that you fixed the guitar LOL

    I actually committed the cardinal sin of gifting the toy I deem annoying, to 2 other friends!

  3. I just don't allow toys that make noise to come in the house…ever. problem solved 😛

  4. Nice tutorial. My husband watched it with me and he said he would have just smashed the guitar instead of doing all that work.

  5. I love the annoying toy competition y'all have going on. Only TRUE friends can get away with that! I also love that you fixed it. You are good parents.

  6. I love that it was a revenge gift. My SIL does the same thing. Before we had kids, we bought my nephew this HUGE tent that came with hundreds of small balls to basically make your own little ball pit at home. She loved me. I hate a toy that reminds you that it wants to play…so annoying!

  7. That was hilariously awesome. I DEFINITELY think you need to be giving BAGPIPES for presents next. How could they possibly top that? Giving an ACTUAL fire engine?!

    PS. Duct Tape really DOES fix everything! Amazing!

  8. It's a Noisy Toy War!!! Oh yea, and someone kindly gave us the Hokey Pokey Elmo, so I know alll about it! ;>

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