Candles, candles, everywhere.

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I went through a phase in high school.
It was pretty concurrent with my “dirty hippy” phase.
I had a “thing” for candles.
Smelly ones, mushroom shaped ones, glowing ones, I even had a chianti bottle with the wax all dripped down the sides.
I was very *into* candles.
As I got older, and moved into miscallaneous apartments, the candles started to dwindle.
One was all faded from sitting on a bookshelf, so out it went.
One, a pyramid shape, had melted a bit and the edges were all mushy and deformed. Tossed.
The few I actually burned got used up, and I slowly surrendered them to the trask as well.
I don't think I realized that I was getting rid of all of them, I just did.
It took several years… like more than 10… and it didn't hit me until last night.

When the power went out.

Our house is really freaking dark at night, when there's no power! I had a Yankee Candle on the coffee table, and one in the downstairs bath, but that was it! 2 scented candles (Sugar Cookie YC and a Glade Scented something or other) to light the whole house!

Where'd all my candles go? Weird.

So today, I'm busting out my Yankee Candle Co. coupon and placing an order.

I con't take any chances with the power going out again!

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  1. Oh my goodness, for some reason I get given candles all the time.

    Now at least I can be thankful for them and that 100 tealight package I picked up for .99 at IKEA!

    Glad the power is back on!

  2. I used to have the same candle collection, we still have a few lying around, but I finally had to purge my penguin glowing candle… so sad. 🙂
    Yay, for grown-up candles. Enjoy!

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