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DSC_4016Oh, Max.

First off, I need to address this photo I took of you this morning; if you ever decide to go into real estate (don't do it!) I totally know what your headshots will look like.

Because I know these won't all be permanent, but I think they're worthy of documenting, this month's theme for my letter to you is your favorite things.

You are a joy to be around, kiddo. Everything you encounter is your very favorite, and your unbridled joy at the tiniest thing makes me smile and my warms my heart.

First things first: Star Wars Angry Birds. Your current love for them is like nothing you've yet to express. You were into the movie Cars, sure… and you and Thomas have a long-term thing going on, but your Angry Birds love is all-encompassing. As I write this, I ordered you some Star Wars Angry Birds underpants, and I'm pretty sure your head is going to EXPLODE when you see them!

You draw me Angry Birds Star Wars pictures at school every day, you, Chase and Brody play Angry Birds Star Wars on the playground at school, and any object that can be tossed is now an Angry Bird.

I have to be honest, kiddo… I'm glad you picked your Star Wars birthday party theme before you fell for Angry Birds, because I'm having a BLAST planning your Star Wars party for next month!

You love to wear “handsome shirts” and now have 2 bowties in your collection; I'm totally on board with adding more, as long as you'll keep wearing them! You love tomatoes and olives, quesadillas and cheeseburgers. Your tee ball Rockies, and your real baseball Giants. You love singing and telling jokes, watching Mythbusters and Top Gear with Daddy.

And I love YOU, kiddo. More every day. When you're four years old, when you're forty years old. When I write my next month's letter, to my newly five year old…

Always and forever,


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  1. Lol, it really does look like a corporate photo, and he’s a handsome dude looking sharp for his clients…LOVE IT!!!

    1. I think he loves wearing the bow tie because it makes people stop him to say how handsome he is. He LOVES the attention!

  2. Don’t you love how excited they get over things such as ‘underpants.!!’ Loved your letter, it made me smile 🙂

  3. kkk love your letter! and YOU ARE A FUNNY GIRL! i laugh just about everything so you and i would get along so well lol!

    1. LOL Thanks Cara! MY dad’s been in some kind of real estate for most of my life, so it’s especially funny for our family! 😉

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