You think you’re a sports freak?

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You guys know I'm a sports fan, right? OK, so mostly just Giants baseball, but I'm a fan. We had season tickets when they sucked (2006), never leave before the game is over, between Jamie and I we have a wide variety of orange and black clothing, hats AND footwear.
I've written about my Giants, I've sat (with Max!) on a cold, wet sidewalk for 5 hours waiting for the World Series parade to start. Twice. One of my best-ever GNO's was to game 7 of the playoffs with my friend Janet, watching them win to go to the Series.
We have a favorite concessions seller at the ballpark, favorite announcers on the radio (Kruk and Kuip FTW!) and never lost faith through those playoff-free years. In short, we were Giants fans before they started winning. The winning just makes it better (and tickets more expensive. Sigh.)

But all of this? Is nothing compared to our friend David. Dayvee and I have been friends since high school. (See embarassingly old photo at left for proof) He had a key to my house, he used to spend the night, and I'm pretty sure my mom wanted either me or my sister to marry him one day. Alas, he's more like my brother than anything else, and now that we've been friends for more than 20 years (!!!!) I can say this in all confidence: Dayvee is a sports freak. He's an A's baseball fan, but his heart is really and truly with the 49ers. All of us who grew up in the Bay Area in the 80s are Niners fans by default, for sure… Joe Montana and Jerry Rice and Super Bowl winS will do that to you! But Dayvee is a FAN fan.

Allow me to share his Facebook cover photo and profile pic:

So yeah, Dayvee's kind of into the Niners. Also, conveniently, Dayvee's birthday is in mid-November (read: yesterday) He's one of those guys that can be easy to shop for; video games, iTunes gift cards… sports memorabilia.

When asked me to create and send a customized NFL calendar to a sports fan in my life, I knew that it would be perfect for Dayvee. You can easily customize each month's photos with your favorite players, and upload images to mark special dates on the calendar; birthdays and anniversaries will leave no excuses for not remembering! LOL

It was so easy to make, and I know that it's perfect for him, because it was made with him in mind! His favorite players, his important dates, all perfectly showcased in a great little package!

As an added bonus, the calendar showed up ON Dayvee's birthday, making it the perfect surprise for this mega-fan!

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