Why take pictures?

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I pretty much always have my camera with me. Even before I had my pretty pretty camera bag, I had my trusty DSLR with me or nearby.
In an effort to improve my photography, I decided last year to do about doing that by *gasp* taking more pictures! I started a 365 Project, joined Clickin' Moms, and started doing more reading.
I've had some lucky shots, I'm not gonna lie. There are pictures I've taken that I look at and can't believe that I made them. I have a board on Pinterest, I Wish I'd taken these photos, and I look at them all wistfully. The people who created these images are artists. They wield light and their camera like a brush and paints. Heartbreaking, overjoyed, beautiful images that I can stare at for hours.
I stare at these images, and tear myself apart. My focus isn't tack sharp. My processing isn't clean enough. My composition is weak. I don't have any new ideas. I rely too much on actions and presets. I will never be this good.

And then I watch this: (Yes, it's 6 minutes. If you can't dedicate the full 6, at least watch the last 2.5 or so)

My pictures matter. Even the ones that I don't think are good enough, matter. Every image I create is it's own important work of art, and that is what it's about.

The moments are what matter.

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  1. Oh, I adore our stash of pictures…digital and old school prints. And I love that you are capturing Max’s little life…

  2. I never take enough pictures…ever. I’m always disappointed to look at what I’ve got after a visit or occasion and there are always too few taken. I envy how many pictures you take, I must get better at this!

  3. I LOVE taking pictures. Gosh, I’m addicted to the point I take them with my phone and hope they come out incredibly. Sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. But the greatest shot? Worth a lot!!! 🙂

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