Where I’m From

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I am from roller skates, from Pop Rocks and Madame Alexander dolls.

I am from the small town turned city, new roads and schools.

I am from the devil mountain, the oak trees and wildflowers.

I am from roast beef on Christmas and Rhode Island accents, from Moffats and Whalens and Parsons.

I am from the procrastinators and the list-makers.

From poof you're an egg and book, tree, sky, man, flower.

I am from baptism, confirmation, summer camps and community. From gathering together and singing hymns. And rock music. From accepting and loving all who search for a place to worship.

I’m from California and England, and Scotland and Ireland. From Grammy Faith's mustard sauce and perfectly flipped fried eggs.

From the Strawberry Festival where I ate frozen yogurt in the snow, from practicing how to work the clutch in the church parking lot with my dad.

I am from piles of albums, notes scribbled in the margins. From scrapbooks of stickers and handwritten stories. From boxes of well-intentioned, but poorly organized photos. Collage frames of snapshots, of all generations, and the countless new memories still to be made.

I am from having and not, from gaining and losing.

From happy and sad, from laughter and tears.

I am from yesterday, and looking to tomorrow.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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  1. Sounds like we are from pretty similar places. But different too.

    These posts are so great. Thanks for sharing a part of your history with us. 🙂

  2. Commenting on this post…better late than never as I always say!! Love this and I especially love the last line…from yesterday looking toward tomorrow, because now it is tomorrow and this post was written “yesterday” but we’re still looking forward to tomorrow again.

    You should participate in Writer’s Workshop again so that I can comment on if 3 years from now.

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