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When I'm trying to make small talk where I don't know people, movies and television are always a good go-to, and I'll sometimes try to kick it off by starting with what I haven't seen, which is Titanic. I mean, at this point, I haven't seen it because it's such a novelty, but yeah… I'm definitely in the minority on that, especially when you look specifically at my demographic. I was 19 or 20 when it came out, peak romantic tragedy age, but I just never got around to it. The boat sinks, I already know that, so I just never saw the point.

More recently, I haven't seen Stranger Things, the second season of which premiers on Netflix on Oct. 27, in just over a week! (Hint, hint: You should remember that) I wanted to watch it, it's right up my alley (again with the demographic thing) I just never got around to it. I may have to dig into it this week so I can jump onto Season 2 when it's live.

I randomly had the idea to ask on my Facebook page, what shows or movies people haven't seen. It's a curious tidbit that I find fascinating, so I really enjoyed seeing what simply hasn't made it onto other people's radar as being important to watch.

Luckily for some of these folks, Netflix is here to save the day! I went through and found all of the answers people mentioned that are available to stream RIGHT NOW and here they are! Is the reason you haven't watched them because you don't have Netflix? Scroll down, my friend, for a chance to win 3 months free!

Mad Men

Grey's Anatomy



How I Met Your Mother

The Office

Gossip Girl

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


Orange is the New Black

Stranger Things


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