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2005 was a long time ago. So much has changed since my first post; I planned a wedding before Pinterest, using my blog like a Pin board. I documented our honeymoon, pregnancy, Max's NICU stay, and now our lives as they are.

My blog turned 10 last summer, and I had grand plans to launch a rebrand and start new. I purchased a domain and started thinking.

And then wimped out.

And then thought some more.

And then at Blogher15, I felt myself cringe a little inside every time I shared the name of my blog. The inevitable question of “Well, are you?” and the self-deprecating “I think I have my moments.” It was my workaround, but it never felt right. I had outgrown the “funny girl” name and was ready to move on.

And so now, just a few months short of 11 years, here we are.


There's still work to do. Like moving homes, there's crap in boxes that I need to deal with and we'll be eating pizza while sitting on the floor and drinking wine straight from the bottle, but you're welcome to stick around and you didn't even have to help with the moving part! Win win win.

I haven't been writing much since the holidays; I'll be back. I've been holding onto ideas for posts and projects, waiting to get this launched. I'll be back like normal soon.

If you're a newer visitor, you may wonder where the name comes from. Short version, I've taken a photo of Max every Thursday since the Thursday he was born, in 2008. This coming week will be Thursday #417. You can see all of the Thursday picures in the tab up top, or by clicking here.

So come on in, pull up a seat, and take a look around.

Huge thanks to Krystyn at Krizzy Designs who worked all the crazy backend stuff that I'm clueless about, to Jenna who gave me the right amount of push to take the leap, and to everyone who has helped me along the way, picking photos, sorting categories, recommending plug-ins and sending reassurances. I'm so gratetful for you.

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