Week #16: Water

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I wish someone had been home to get a shot of *me* while I was doing this! I had my camera on the tripod, and the bowl of water on Max's little table.
Reaching in between them, drop the apple, snap the shutter… this is the best of about 25 captures, but I love it!

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    1. Thanks! And I’m totally taking suggestions of other things I should drop into water! I’m hooked on this!

  1. I came over because when this came up in my email,..although I didn’t have time to comment then, it just BLEW ME AWAY. I love this picture, truly and I love that you took it. It’s fantastic.

    1. Thanks!
      It’s all about shutter speed and luck! LOL
      I set the bowl on Max’s little table, and my camera on the tripod. I used a 100mm lens, so I could *just* reach both the bowl and the shutter, if I positioned myself in between them.
      I used a slightly closed down ap, to get a wider focus plane, and bumped the ISO a little to let me have the fast shutter speed.
      I dropped the apple waited just a tick, then the shutter. I actually got quite a few decent ones, so it’s just a matter of choosing the best one!

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