Washi Tape Christmas Tree Decoration

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Washi Tape Tree Decoration #CraftAmazing AD

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We have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations, but I always like to do a couple of new projects to freshen up our decor every year. This year, I've jumped onto the washi tape bandwagon and made this super cute tree that takes advantage of washi tape to make it extra-special.

I've done variations on this tree before, but thought the washi would be a fun update compared to past years. Because you're working with tape, it removes a step to create your custom embellishments, and the whole project comes together so easily.

Not as pretty but just as important, the Scotch® Create line provides all the basic tools and adhesives that you need to bring your project together. I always keep double-stick tape on hand, for those projects that needs things to “magically” stick together.

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Decor


  • Styrofoam cone form – I used a 9″ one here
  • A variety of green cardstocks, 4-6 sheets
  • Scotch® Expressions Tapes
    Washi and Glitter tape #CraftAmazing AD
  • Scotch® Create double-sided tape
  • Rhinestones for ornaments
  • 1″ flat-head straight pins
  • 2″ flat-head straight pins
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors


  • First things first, I put a loop of Scotch® Expressions Glitter Tape around the base of the styrofoam to help cover it for the bottom row. I used a few pins to help hold it in place, since it's hard to get tape to stick to styrofoam on its own. Set it aside.
    Tape around bottom #CraftAmazing AD
  • Use the Scotch® Expressions Tapes to create a design on your cardstock. You can mix and match the tapes, and the amounts, just be sure to cover all over the page.
    Tape on cardstock #CraftAmazing AD
  • Cut the paper into strips; I used 1/2″ wide x 5″ strips for my tree, but you can tweak the dimensions depending on your styrofoam size. (I also cut FAR more pieces than I needed. I recommend cutting them ahead of time though, so you can randomize between the different colors and don't end up with patches that all look really similar)
    Cut strips #CraftAmazing AD
  • Once all of the strips are cut, you're going to start applying them to the form. Loop the two ends of a strip together, being careful not to crush the looped part, then use a 1″ pin to hold it to the form, making sure that the bottom of the loop rests on the surface you're working on, for a complete tree look.
    First few loops #CraftAmazing AD
  • Continue all the way around the base of the cone, overlapping the tops just a bit, and using a second pin if needed to help hold the loops in place. (I found that the ones with heavier tape coverage needed the extra hold)
    Bottom row overhead #CraftAmazing AD
  • For the next row up, try to stagger the starting loop so it overlaps the seam of the row below it. You can adjust the space between rows to your liking.
    Bottom 2 rows #CraftAmazing AD
  • Continue all the way around and up. I find that it's easier to switch to longer pins for the topmost rows; I didn't use flat head pins, so the photos are easier to see, but you might want to use the flat ones.
    Long pins at top #CraftAmazing AD
  • The final row at the top should be level with the top of the cone. To finish it off, make a loop to cover the pins. Scotch® Create double-sided tape is perfect to close the loop and hold is tight.
    Double-stick tape topper #CraftAmazing AD
  • Use a pin or two to help hold the loop in place at the top.
  • For the topper itself, you'll need three of your leftover strips from the tree. Stack them together, and put a pin through one end, with the head of the pin on the backside of the strips.
    Topper 1 #CraftAmazing AD
  • Carefully loop the inside strip and put the end on the pin. (Use the strip that's closest to the pinhead first)
    Topper 2 #CraftAmazing AD
  • Repeat for all three strips, then arrange the loops to make a ball. Stick the pin into the top of the cone.
    Topper 3 #CraftAmazing AD
  • Add rhinestone embellishments randomly on the tree as a finishing touch.
    Washi Tape Tree Rhinestone #CraftAmazing AD
  • And you're done! These also work really well as a little “forest,” if you pick up a few different sizes of cones to use as your base.

Washi Tape Tree Done #CraftAmazing AD

Have you caught the washi tape bug yet? What's your favorite style?

Whole Washi Tape tree #CraftAmazing AD

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  1. Very cute! It is also nice to see a craft made with washi tape that is unexpected. I love washi tape and want to use it more, but feel like I only need so many cards made and presents wrapped, so I’ve been on the lookout for something different to do with my washi tape (I need to join washi tapers anonymous).

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