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If you don't wanna watch the video: I made a strawberry vodka infusion and then mixed it with sparkling mineral water for a refreshing summer cocktail! Want to make the vodka? Here's the link I originally found on Pinterest that led me to my new obsession with vodka infusions.

Now. If a group of my favorite bloggers came to town and I got to head up a GNO? So many choices! If we had a whole weekend, we'd head up to Wine Country for some chauferred wine tasting… just an evening? A gorgeous walk around North Beach in San Francisco, with dinner at Steps of Rome, where we'll drink chianti and flirt with the cute waiters. After that, depending on who is performing, we could take in a comedy show at Cobb's or maybe head to Bimbo's for some dancing and drinks… I love San Francisco, so I could easily plan a lifetime's worth of GNOs for my lady blogging friends!

I'm linking up with Jessica at My Time as Mom and Carri at Mommy's Little Monster for their Summer Smashed link-up, AND with this week's #VlogTalk!


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  1. I would love a GNO in San Fran! I have never tried the fruit infused alcohol in restaurants. I always see it – but have never had it. I really think they should try serving matchbox-infused vodka. People would be all over it! 😉

  2. LOVE the matchbox cars, that cracked me up!
    And now I am going to buy a huge box of strawberries tomorrow to infuse into some vodka!

  3. Chauffeured tastings through wine country? Where do I sign up? Also, Chianti and cute waiters is a fabulous combo. Sounds like my kind of night.


  4. How I so wish I was closer to the west coast. I'm not usually into vodka but this infusion looks reallly interesting

  5. Wow, that looks so easy, a kid could do it 😉 Love the matchbox car usage. Very clever improvising. And I am down for a GNO in wine country…that's like the ultimate night out! Great job shooting your own vid too! I'm impressed 🙂

  6. haha OK, I know you thought I would be very upset that you didn't have vodka, but you TOTALLY had me at Matchbox cars! HAHAHA You are a crack up!

  7. This is AWESOME and hilarious with your Hot Wheels demo. I can't decide if I'm craving strawberries or die cast cars now! 🙂

  8. Um…that looks DELISH! And I would so be down for a GNO San Fran style. I have always wanted to go to San Francisco!

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