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My husband and I have been absolutely relying on video conferencing during this lockdown, both for work stuff and socializing with friends. I've set Max up on a few calls with his friends too, but they generally devolve into noise after a few minutes, so that's why I love having this virtual scavenger hunt to actually give them something to DO while they're on the call!

There are a couple of ways to play; you can provide the list to both sides of the call, or just have one side with the list, and they challenge the other person to find the items one at a time. Max and his cousins had a ridiculously fun time running around finding these things and trying to be faster than the other team.

It's totally up to you how you play, there is no wrong way to do it!

Download Virtual Scavenger Hunt

There are two ways to download; you can click on the image below to get a larger JPG version, or you can click here to get to the PDF version.

Looking for more virtual family fun?

Check out my Cards Against Quarantine, an free expansion set for the new family edition of Cards Against Humanity. Since it's a free download, just have everyone download and print it out, and you can easily play over video conference! My friend Darcy has this super fun Disney Charades game that also plays well over video! I also found this Pictionary generator that could make for a fun game for your creative-minded participants. Jackbox Games are also great; you can play on a variety of platforms, but our personal favorite is to play on Steam and then have a Zoom call going at the same time. (This one's better for older kids/teens, just a heads up) Each player needs a device that can connect to the internet to play Jackbox. And lastly, my friend Ari has a list of more than 20 virtual party games for both kids and adults!


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