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I think that's how I'll be describing the theme for our wedding! LOL

Looks like we're going to have it at the Veteran's Memorial Hall in Danville, the town I grew up in.
I went to many concerts there when I was in high school, and I think it's perfect for us!

I've been wanting a single large room because we're doing the ceremony differently… I'm calling it “In the round.” Basically, we'll invite all of our guests to make a circle around us and Austin (the officiant) and we'll literally be surrounded by our friends and family when we exchange our vows.
When people walk in, they'll get a program that describes this plan, and they'll be invited to grab a drink and relax for a bit… we're basically doing the cocktail hour portioin before the ceremony instead of after… then Austin will invite everyone to gather (on the dance floor) and we'll go from there.

We're going to use all Beatles music for the “offical” tunes… Jamie and the wedding party will process in to “Two of Us”, I'll come in to “I Will”, and Jamie and I will recess to “When I'm 64”
Our first dance will be “In My Life”… Jamie and his mom will dance to (not technically the Beatles) “Beautiful Boy” and my dad and I will either dance to “Blackbird” or “Golden Slumbers”
If we decide to do the garter, we'll use “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” LOL

Now, where the “theme” comes in… I think I'm going to carry “Bells of Ireland” in my bouquet… and my sister (Matron of Honor and my only attendant) will be in some shade of green… I'm thinking sage… Dave (Best Man) will be in a tie that matches Katie's dress, whatever that ends up being.

Katie has offered to grow centerpieces! I think we're going to have small patches of clovers with votive candles in the middle… that's actually where the “Irish” part came from… but I don't want it to be too cheesy! So a little planter of shamrocks with candles… should be cute!

It will be daylight for a good part of the reception, so the candles are more just so it doesn't look like we picked up some greenery as an afterthought and stuck it on the tables! LOL (I'm thinking a 2pm start time, ceremony actually at 2:30, go until 8 or so…)

The guys won't be in tuxes; Jamie wants an excuse to buy a gorgeous suit, so that's what they'll be doing.

Jamie has already found the ring he wants… I'm so proud that he went and looked on his own! He discovered and wants black titanium, carved with a celtic design… I don't care if ours match or not… we should be fine unless we're ever stuck in the middle of a crime scene… did you see that episode of CSI where a couple gets busted having an affair because Grissom noticed their rings don't match?

But I digress…

So I think that's all we have decided at this point in the game… considering I have 11 months and 2 days until this actually happens, I'm ahead of the game! LOL

I know that dress shopping is going to be tough… I don't want “too much” dress, but the really elegant simple ones tend to be the most expensive for some reason! eyeroll

I'll keep updated as the search progresses…

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  1. Thanks for giving us an update, Lizz! I can’t wait to hear more as the plans progress!

    My ceremony was sorta similar. We had our wedding at the San Ramon Community Center, so we had everyone just sit at their dinner tables for the ceremony. We thought it was cool – that way people don’t have to drive to a few places.

    Congrats – and keep us posted!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely wedding Lizz, I love Bells of Ireland. Can’t wait to see you to congratulate you in person!

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