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My sister says I'm not updating enough… I told her that I wasn't doing anything that interesting, and she responded with “You're pregnant. People want to hear from you!”

So here I am! I don't have any updated pics at the moment, because I've lost my card reader and can't get anything off my camera. I'm going to get a new one this weekend, and we're going to a party tomorrow, so I PROMISE pics soon! 🙂

Here's what's going on around here:

It looks like we have a diagnosis for my eyes… it's called pseudotumor cerebri. Yup. I have a fake brain tumor. Increased spinal fluid causes pressure that causes symptoms that are much like an actual tumor. Treatment is spinal taps to drain some fluid and a diuretic to help reduce the pressure. I had my first spinal this week at my neurology appointment, and it wasn't as bad as I'd heard… I figure it's good practice for my epi come July! LOL

Speaking of which… there is a chance that we will deliver via cesarean section. The act of pushing the baby out can, with these eye complications I'm having, cause my optic nerve to rupture. (That's bad) I'm OK with a c-section, but I'm a little stressed out at the thought of being responsible for *picking* baby's birthday!

We got our registry set up at Babies R Us… I would link you, but their website isn't cooperating at the moment. We're thinking about doing a second registry at Right Start, but I can't decide. They do have the Stage 2 carseat we want there, but I feel like 2 registries is a lot. Who knows? Feel free to share your thoughts or insights…

Umm… what else? Ah, the medication count. Before pregnancy, I took the following pills: 6 in the morning, 6 at night. Now, it's a little different. It's 9 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, 9 at night, an injection 3 times a week. *sigh* It's mostly for blood pressure and anemia, so hopefully those things will taper back off after the baby is born.

I really think that's all for now… until these shots kick in, my energy level is still really low and I'm sleeping a LOT. I'm starting to worry about the sad state of the nursery and an itching to get started on it… we just need to get someone to take the bed off our hands!

And now I'm off… I'm blogging at work and don't want to get busted! LOL

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