To Max, on his first day of kindergarten

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kinder1So Max,
You and I both survived your first day of kindergarten! Go us!
I am SO proud of you, Peanut.
It's really hard to explain, and maybe you'll understand when you have kids of your own, but wow, today was tough on me!
I don't think you saw me, but I cried as I walked back across the field after dropping you off.
I avoided all that goose poop and I cried.
I can't keep up with you, dude!
Every day you're growing and learning and turning into the most amazing kid I've ever known.
You're the best.
You came home SO excited about your first day. You told me all about Ms. S and her “very very light purple shirt.” You made a new friend, Ethan, who likes yellow as much as you do, but you forgot to ask him if he likes Star Wars. I think you're planning on asking him tomorrow.
You chowed down on your entire snack, 5 purple grapes, 5 green grapes, and some Angry Birds crackers, and your teacher read you a story call The Kissing Hand. I want to go get that book at the library now, because you drew me the most beautiful picture of a rainbow after listening to that story.
We haven't seen your classroom yet, because a pipe burst and flooded the room, so instead you get to spend your first week in kindergarten in the Library, surrounded by your favorite things in the world, all those books!
You came home with your “Wednesday Action Folder” in your tote bag, and a “#19 Maxwell” sticker on your shirt.
Ms. S has lots to learn this year, too.
She needs to learn all about you and the 27 other children in your class. She'll learn your name, and she'll come to recognize your silly giggle. She'll help you get even better at reading, and teach you about states and science and math and handwriting. She will be one of the first teachers you remember, when you're grown like me.
You may very well make friends that will be in your life for the rest of your days! How cool is that? This is the start of a long school career kiddo… and here's my wish for you:
I hope you love every first day as much as you loved today, and every last day as much as you loved the first. I hope you are challenged and entertained, and remember to pay attention in class. Your teachers have gifts to give you, if you're willing to receive them, and the teachers aren't just the people at the front of the classroom. The teachers are everywhere, if you just look for them.
I love you the most, for always and forever, around the world and back.



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