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I'm on a “diet”
I put it in quotes because I'm making up the rules as I go and don't really have a plan at this point.

I need to eat healthier, and certainly wouldn't mind losing a pant size or four! LOL
I started it last week, and have stuck to it thus far.

Here are my “rules”

1. NO soda. (This is tough… I was drinking 2 liters of Diet Pepsi a day EASY)
2. A caffeinated beverage in the morning is OK (coffee or tea) but avoid it the rest of the day.
3. Drink water all day. (I've already olished off about 70 oz. at work today!)
4. NO fast food (I don't count Subway or Togo's, because I'm more concerned about the health aspects of traditional fast food than I am about the technicalities.)

It's kind of pathetic (I think) that I'm so proud of myself for not eating any fast food for 6 days (this is Day 6) I'm an adult, and should be making better choices for myself.

It starts now.

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  1. woah about the soda thing. I’m right there with ya at the 2 liter mark. Since there is no conceivable way I can limit myself to less than three servings a day, I decided that it was once vice I could live with since I’ve given up so many others. I’m in awe that you can go cold turkey!

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