TiM #6: Share a Secret

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Typical me to use a Beatles song title… not so typical (IMO) this page for me! LOL
I just stuck stuff down and went with it and made it work… finally used my pink Hambly robots I bought with a challenge to use them on a page.
This might be the *most* different manuf I've ever put on a page… KI, Elsie, DCWV Rockstar, Hambly, Making Memories… I'm usually much brandy-matchier than this! LOL

Journaling reads (sorry for the glare!): Even though we're not pregnant (yet!) I know exactly how I'm going to tell my mom and sister when that day arrives. (And those plans are written out and sealed in ^ that envelope) I can't wait to share them for real.

The pink square, in case you can't tell is a sealed envie and I really did write out, in detail, how I plan on telling each of them as well as where/why I got the ideas and when. Sorry I can't share here, since they both check out my portfolio sometimes! LOL

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Are you guys trying? We should because I am getting old but I just don’t think we are ready right now. I love my martinis a little too much!

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