Thursday Number One Hundred!

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A little backstory and some outtakes… I took this morning off work so I could do a “proper” shoot with Max… we take lots of snapshots, but very few posed, organized photos. Actually, the kid has only been to a studio once, when we did family photos last month! So lots of snapshots, not lots of portraits. So I took the morning off and was all set… I pulled out my big vinyl backdrop, I picked out exactly 100 perfect peanuts, all I needed was my subject!

He, of course, chose this morning to not cooperate. *sigh* Jamie had to leave for work early, so just before attempting the shoot we were inundated with “I don't want it Daddy go!” So sad. I got a couple of OK shots in the morning, but decided not to push it and wait until Jamie got home to try again.

When 6pm rolled around, his mood was improved, thanks to Jamie being there, but he was still an almost 2 year old who isn't so good at following directions. But I did get some adorable shots (including the “official” picture, posted above)

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So because we have grandparents and aunties and friends who just can't get enough Max, here, in celebration of #100, are some bonus shots!

Special thanks to Kelly Marie for the gorgeous post-processing on the official photo!

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  1. Love the official picture of Thurday #100 Lizz. Your little man looks like a Kean painting. So handsome & so big!

  2. Woohoo..Happy 100th Max!! Lizz, he is so handsome 🙂

    I love the previous post about his first sentence…heehee….and to think, he will only learn more words..both good and bad..LOL!

    Hope all is well! Give Max a gigantic hug 🙂

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