Thursday #88

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I took about a dozen shots this morning… this is the ONLY one where he isn't eyeballing the newly decorated Christmas tree (and all its tempting ornaments!) and is actually facing me! It's a bonus that he's looking so cute too!

And a special congratulations to Dayvee and Shaela, who welcomed their baby girl (and Max's future prom date), Brooke Eileen, last week! Welcome to this wonderful world of parenthood, guys! They're planning on doing weekly photos like we are, and Brooke was, conveniently, born on a Thursday, so it's just like Max, only 87 weeks behind!
Dayvee and Shaela are the couple that we gave the book and my bouquet to at our wedding, since she was the “next” bride present that day! It's thrilling to see them following our footsteps on this next crazy leg of life! We love you guys!

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