Thursday #58

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Not the most technically fabulous photo of my picture-taking career, but check out the toofers! You can clearly see 4, and then there are 2 more top ones that should be showing more any minute now!

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  1. Okay. Here’s my crit (speaking as former professional photog):

    Your sharpness is not great, but acceptable. It’s the result of a large aperture, which brings me to the next comment:

    You have used selective focus very well. Because the background is soft, the eye is drawn to your subject: The Maxster.

    The key light is behind the subject, further separating him from the background. There is good contrast between Max’s touseled hair and the darker (out of focus) background. Since the hair is part of the story you’re telling, it’s an effective use of light.

    You have a sort of a “green” leitmotif in this picture: his coveralls are green, and that theme is echoed in the green leather sofa behind your subject.

    The eyes are drawn first to Max’s eyes, which are lively because of the catchlights. We notice his expression (toothy grin), then our eyes follow a curving path to the secondary subject, his hands on the table. The backlight allows the subject of your composition to pop out from, the background. We have no doubt what we are expected to look at. The eyes, the toothy grin, the hands on the table are irresistible.

    The hands on the table convey a feeling of action: it looks as though the fingers are in motion, busy at some task we can only imagine.

    Overall, I’d say the picture doesn’t suck.

    Am I overthinking this?

    The Papa

  2. Too cute! You have a good idea going there about taking pictures of him every Thursday. I would probably end up skipping days. I did the month by month pictures of my boys, but they ended up being very random, lol.

  3. Oh my gosh, he’s getting so big!!! He’s such an adorable little guy! I’m glad I found your blog again, I’ll be back here! 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  4. This is an awesome picture! It reminds me of one I took of Dillon (our 21 year old) when he was about Max’s age. I love, love, LOVE, overalls on little boys. Cute!

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