Thursday #54

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It's the first Thursday picture of Max's second year! I can hardly believe it!
And an interesting bit of trvia… it's the last ever photo of a toothless Max! I took this early yesterday morning, like 7:00 am. When I picked him up at my parents' house at 7:00 pm, his first TWO teeth have broken the skin and are on their way in! All of a sudden, the fussy little boy we've been dealing with for a few days makes much more sense, but I am contemplating that theory about preemies and teething*, since it really wasn't as bad as I've seen in other kiddos!

* The theory about preemies and teething is that they aren't as “traumatized” by the whole process as a textbook term baby because they've already been through so much early on, the teething pain just doesn't register as high on their “OMG I'm in pain! Scale”

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  1. I believe the correlation. Cole really isn’t that fussy when he’s teething. A little cranky, but no night waking, etc. And he wasn’t even preemie preemie.

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