Thursday #53

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YEEEEEAAAAH! I'm turning ONE tomorrow!
It's the last day of his first year…

Oh, and he gets himself into this position (standing) all by himself now! I was in his room the other night, sorting laundry, and he was hanging out in his crib. I look up from where I'm sitting on the floor, and there's Max, hanging his head over the crib rail, staring at me, his little feet planted firmly on the mattress. First thought in my head? Crap! We need to move the mattress down! Second thought? OMG! My baby pulled himself up! Is time going to continue speeding up like this? I don't know if I can deal.

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  1. I have been watching Max’s progress the past year here on your blog and it is so wonderful seeing him standing there, so proud of himself and so healthy and happy. It’s hard to believe that just a short year ago, he looked like the picture you posted on the 10th. I hope to meet Max in person one day at Suzy’s! because I bet he is even cuter in person than he is on the blog. And he is pretty darn cute on the blog!

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