Thursday #43

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Ignore the heinous rash on his neck and revel in his adorable overalled cuteness!

(The rash is eczema with a little viral rash on top… and he has recently discovered the “joys” of scratching at it, so it often looks angry and painful like that… we're keeping it Aquaphored and Vaselined, but if you have any other tips, please share!)

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  1. He gets cuter by the week and I didn’t think that was possible. Zinc oxide cream (get it over the counter from the pharmacist) worked wonders for my daughter’s eczema.)

  2. make sure all clothes/sheets/etc are washed in a "free" type detergent – Like tide free or all free & clear. Also make sure the bath soaps/shampoos you use are fragence free. That helped us out a lot.

  3. Eczema sucks! Especially when they scratch it! Ugh! The dermatologist recomended we use Dove body wash for sensitive skin. That has worked out pretty well. Recently, we’ve started using Arbonne baby wash, lotion (ok the whole line). This has worked wonders keeping Jocelyn from scratching, her skin is starting to look much much better. It’s all natural I believe.

  4. My youngest has exczema and Cetaphil (lotion & soap) works wonders. Not sure if you can use it on a baby tho…my lil one is 9 years old!

  5. Our dr suggested the avenno baby lotion to help keep the skin moist. Logan was starting to get a tiny bit in his arm pits.

  6. Another vote for Aveeno
    Baby. I think it’s the daily moisture or something. It’s helping Cole’s. And when it’s really angry like that, we use hydrocortisone with a bit of antifungal in it.

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