Thursday #357

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One year ago today, Jennifer Lynn Kranz died.

52 Thursdays that Libby and Tony should have had with their little girl, 52 Thursdays since she left. We measure a lot of things by number of Thursdays around here, and Jennifer has been gone for 52.

I invite you to take a moment; send a prayer up for Jennifer and her family, give your kids an extra hug and kiss, visit Libby's blog.

Can you donate? How about $7, for the seven children who will die today from cancer, or $7 for the seven who will die tomorrow. Or $12, for the day Jennifer left. Or $52 for every week she has been gone. Every penny helps, as Libby and her team fight to Unravel the thread of pediatric cancer.


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  1. 644 Thursdays since my Justin died of Childhood Leukemia. No day has ever been the same without him. We have had many good times and family fun since then of course – life does go on. But whenever I look at myself in the mirror I see the sadness and loss in my eyes that don’t believe will ever go away. How lucky we were to have shared our lives with those we have lost and to have happy memories of them:) here’s to Jennifer for today 🙂 peace and love to her family.

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