Thursday #22

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OK, I confess. We couldn't choose just one photo.

I wanted this week's picture to show off Max's ever-increasing head control, but the shoot turned into a giggle fest, with Max in top form making funny faces.

Which is your fave?

And… what the heck! Submit a caption for your favorite photo and youjust might win a prize! You can enter more than once, if you want… I'll share my picks next week! 🙂

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  1. My captions:

    #1: “you twalking to me??” or “I weigh HOW MUCH??”

    #5: “Boo, Dodgers” or “So, THIS is tongue tied…” or “I AM sticking out my tongue!” or “Those with short frenullums make up for it in heart”

    (can you tell I was most inspired by the last one?)

  2. I love all of those pics! He is so freakin’ adorable!

    The last one is my favorite though!! I can’t come up with any clever captions — he’s so cute!

  3. So mine are mostly related to, well, fart jokes.

    Like the first photo: “Wait for it!”
    #2: “Oh Dear God!”
    #3: “Hope that one slips by…”
    #4: “Makin’ Daddy proud.”
    And #5: “I think I just made myself gag.” along with that horrible noise Jamie makes (you know the one).

    My favorite though is #2.

    He looks adorable!

  4. Love the faces!

    Captions: “I got something special for you”
    “Wait it’s coming…Holy Crap did I do that???”
    “one more…just like Daddy does”
    “Whew… I know why it takes Daddy so long in the potty…”

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