Thursday #160

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Notice anything interesting about this pic? Maybe not, since I cropped it in pretty close… we took the front of his crib this afternoon, and he is, as I type this, “sleeping” in it for the first naptime!
He stayed over at my parents' house last night, and my mom called this morning to tell me he'd climbed out of the Pack & Play. I knew it was coming, just not today!
Jamie and I are both off work today, because of my biopsy yesterday (more on that later) so it was a good time anyway.
At first, he was worried that his crib was broken, but he seems to have adjusted so far… I've checked on him a couple of times, and he isn't asleep, but he hasn't gotten up yet either, so that's score one for the Big Boy Bed!
We'll see how it goes at bedtime…

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  1. WOW that IS a big deal, welcome to the beginnings of the big boy days. Man he looks sweet there.

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