Thursday #121

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Max was not in a very cooperative mood this morning, so this was the best of the dozen or so photos I shot… I love the expression he's making; and that Whalen chin sticks right out!
I'm currently watching a reality show called “Work of Art: the Next Great Artist” on Bravo (think Project Runway with painters and installation artists… kinda cool!) If I was one of the contestants on that show, I'd title this photo “In Which Maxwell Contemplates a Stacking Cup” Or something.

As an aside, if you enjoy checking out Max's Thursday pictures and watching him grow as much as I do, can you do me a favor? Leave a comment with a suggestion for a pose/prop we could do! I ask my mom all the time, but we're running out of ideas! Want to see him *doing* something? Let me know! I'd love to take “requests” for pictures! Thanks!

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  1. How about him with animals? Do you have any pets? My 2 year old LOVES our cats and my BFF's dogs. Gives me great photo ops! 🙂

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