Thursday #119

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Hey, check it out! A Thursday picture actually posted *on* Thursday! It's just like the olden days!
Yes, Nana, this is a waffle picture, but dang if he doesn't get more handsome with each passing week!

As a bonus this week, here's a pic of the three of us:

My sister (and family) gave Max (Us) a Membership to the Oakland Zoo for his birthday, and we finally had a chance to break it in this last weekend! We invited my parents to join us, and had a lovely afternoon admiring the “amimals” and riding the zoo train! Max's current thing is to tell you that he “loves ____”, filling in the blank with whatever new word or name he's learning. He apparently has a serious crush on the emu, with the number of times we heard “I looooove emu!” while in the exhibit! LOL

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  1. Oh my! He is getting so big! I have so enjoyed watching him grow before our very eyes! I have to say that I adore that picture of the three of you. It is perfect! (AND, as an aside, I <3 your hair. It is sooooo cute!)

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