Thursday #115

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“Oh good, Mommy! I thought this was going to be the first undocumented Thursday in my life!”
OK, I didn't really “forget” to take the photo on Thursday, I really didn't! Jamie worked the early shift, so he was home for dinner (yay!) While he was grilling dinner, I called my mom to ask if she had any Thursday photo requests, since she makes requests from time to time, and it's nice for me when I'm running low on ideas. She rattled off some thoughts; bath time, playing in the back yard, lots of great summer-y picture ideas! I thanked her for her ideas and disconnected. As we finished our chat, Jamie declared dinner ready, and it was time to eat! Dinner, and then bedtime for The Boy. They headed upstairs and I stayed down. Jamie came back after putting Max down, and we were relaxing on the couch. Not 5 minutes later, I bolted upright. “I didn't take the Thursday picture!” so I grabbed the camera and ran upstairs, and found him still awake, so I snapped a few pictures, stole a kiss and ta da! Thursday #115, with blanket tag in mouth and everything!

I also have to apologize to the grandmas for slacking on the Thursday posting these last couple of weeks; I've gotten “Are you OK?” emails from both of them, and (lovingly) harassing phone calls from my own mom. It's hard to sit down at the computer in the evening when it's so gorgeous outside and I'd rather be out there! Thanks for bearing with me! 🙂 I'll try to be more prompt from here on out, but I'm not making any promises for the summer season!

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