Those Chucks

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Max comes by his love of Converse honestly.
It's in his blood, really. My dad has had a pair of red high-tops in his closet for as long as I can remember, and I proudly rocked two different colored (hot pink and turquoise, of course; it was the 80s!) high-tops of my own in 5th grade.
I have a yellow polka dot pair that Jamie bought me as a third trimester gift; I had no idea exactly how short that trimester would be! LOL
Needless to say, there has yet to be a time in his life when he *hasn't* had a pair of the ubiquitous sneaks in his closet.
From the teeny tiny crib shoes, to the red high tops from his baptism and first visit with Santa, to the velcro ones we got as he learned to walk, and then the high tops that my mom swore we'd come to hate putting on him, but we never did, he's a Chuck Taylor kid through and through.
When we were getting ready to move, I came across a box with his outgrown shoes in it, and I just couldn't bring myself to donate the Cons.
This was my solution instead, a reminder of my teeny tiny boy, and how far he has come.

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