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Not pregnancy related.

First a quick update on my eyeball situation… had my MRI on Tuesday morning. They didn't rush me upstairs for brain surgery or anything, so I'm taking the “no news is good news” approach and just waiting to hear from the neurologist for an appointment.

Other than that, this has been a great week!

On Tuesday night, we went to the Sharks game… there's another department at work that's trying to lure Jamie, so they invited us to their annual “team building” Sharks game… luxury box seats, unlimited food and drinks, a very cool time! There were only about a dozen of us and almost $1000 worth of food… corn dogs, nachos, sliders, Ben & Jerry's ice cream bars… too much good stuff!

Somewhere around the 2nd period, we started discussing the sad amount of wasted food there was going to be and that it seemed like such a shame that we couldn't eat it all.

The solution? Share! We passed snacks out from the front of our box to the people sitting in front of us… one guy called us the “coolest Sharks fans ever” and it was pretty funny when we handed down a basket full of sliders and we watched it get passed forward four or five rows forward as people snagged the mini burgers.

Unfortunately, the Sharks lost to Calgary in overtime, but we had a great time regardless!

Yesterday was (duh) Valentine's Day. We made an agreement not to buy “stuff” but Jamie surprised me with breakfast in bed and a rose anyway. It doesn't get much better than fresh blueberry pancakes made with love!

And tonight we're off to the ballet! Jamie's work sponsors the Silicon Valley Ballet, so we try to get tickets at least once per season… tonight's show is “Swan Lake,” which is one of those things I've never actually seen in its entirety, but, like the Nutcraker, has many elements ingrained in my head. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, and yes, if you remember last year's blog entry about the ballet, we'll be dressing nicely for the occassion! LOL

I hate to close with “that's all” since it's quite a lot of stuff we've been up to, but it is! How about “bye for now” instead?

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  1. OOooh, enjoy the Ballet, and I’m glad you had a good time at the game, even if the Sharks lost.

    And, I’m also glad that you aren’t in surgery.

  2. Oh man, wish I had been sitting in front of your box at that Sharks game!
    I had pressure in my eyes last year and they ended up drilling tiny holes in my eyes with a lazer (not as bad as it sounds) and now no pressure. Glad you didn’t have to do any major surgery.

  3. missed you last weekend at the SIS crop! I wanted to see this growing belly in person. A thousand well-wishes in your direction, though. And good luck with those eye balls. Cortney aka clspillane

  4. Great to see pregoo pictures of you. Sucks that you are having that eye problem. I have never heard of that but there are so many things that can happen with pregnancy and that’s why they cram it all into that What you are expecting book just to scare you! Hope you get good news!!

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