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Some good progress on the Max front!
He was doing so well with his 1mL feedings that they bumped him up to 2mL… he tolerated that so well he's now up to 3mL per feeding! (For a point of reference, a term baby would be taking in 20-25mL per feeding, so we've got a ways to go, but baby steps people! Baby steps!)
He's off the CPAP and is maintaining well on the canula. He's on 21% oxygen (room air) and the flow rate has been lowered to 3 liters…
He seems to be responding well to the antibiotics, so we're hoping that removing the central line won't be necessary, and the meds will take care of the infection on their own.
His weight was up to 2lbs 7oz last night, which means he'll probably be a full two and half pounds before the weekend is over! We're really starting to see a difference; comparing pictures from 3 weeks ago to now, you can tell he's plumping up nicely!
That's about all we've got for today… we're celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow with breakfast at Wendy's house and Jamie's family and dinner at Katie's, with my family. And of course, lots of Max-love in the middle! 🙂

To quote Jon Stewart, I present your moment of Zen:

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