This lantern doesn’t exist. What?


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As I've told you before, Jamie collects and restores vintage Coleman camping gear… he sometimes branches outside of Coleman, when he finds something really cool… especially when it's only $5, like this little tent lantern was!

We picked it up at one of our local antiques shops; it was marked at $10, but that seller was having a sale, so we only paid $5. It's clearly vintage, from the design on the box, the original price tag ($3.49) and the old school Dymo label on it.

We brought it home and did what we always do when we find something cool. We googled it.
All we can tell is that the company, Catter, is based in the Netherlands, and this had have been purchased sometime before the late 1970s, since that is apparently when The Ski Hut in Berkeley closed.

Other than that, there's NOTHING to be found on the interwebs about this little thing! It's weird, right? You can easily find a Chia Pet costume for a dog, or shoes that have flasks built in, but we can find nothing about this lantern!

Do you know anything about it? I'd love to hear it!

Meanwhile, the specs: It measures about 5″ high (without the hook), and 4″ across… it takes 4 “D” batteries, but also has holes in the sides where, the theory is, it could be wired directly to a car battery or trailer power.

And seriously, we really would love to know more about this thing! Please share this post and pass it on if you think might know someone who knows something! We're especially curious to get a more accurate date of manufacture on this… but anything you've got would be awesome!

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  1. This is fabulous!! I love that he collects vintage Coleman stuff. Don’t tell my husband, though. He’ll start collecting too. We can’t handle another hobby. 🙂

    1. Hello I was wondering if you ever found out anything more about the little lamp my wife found a similar one by the same maker “CATTER” but the only thing is that it only takes 2 D batteries and no hole to wire to a car/trailer battery it’s really really cool and we would love to know more about it thank you and hope to hear from y’all

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