This is serious business, folks!

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My (early) Mother's Day present is a Mommy & Me photoshoot!

The shoot is this afternoon, and I'm completely accessory-challenged, so I need your help!

Max is wearing a blue polo and jeans, and here's what I'm wearing:

Dress is just barely above the knee, I'm wearing flat sandals (black)

Below are my accessory options, please help me choose!

I know I have some accessory-genius friends out there! What should I wear? I'm running out to Max's art class (so excited!) at the moment, but will check back soon! Thank you lovelies! XOXO

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  1. Oh, I am SO BAD at this, my friend! My vote is necklace #1, earrings #2, and bracelet #1.

    But I love them all…and can’t wait to see pics!

  2. If earrings #2 are the ones you have on in the photo (or a similar size to those), I vote for something bigger like #4–the others look too small and #4 ties in with the pattern in the dress. I’d go with necklace #1 and bracelets #3 AND #4 together. (#4 ties in with the silver of the earrings and necklace but seems too plain by itself, so I’d add #1 for some boldness)

  3. Oh, and do you have a black belt you can add do the dress under the jacket? I think that would be nice, too

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